Teeny.ro means more than an online store that has the vision of promoting and selling educational toys. We at Teeny.ro team are parents (maybe you too), eager to share our experience and the amazing things we have discovered about educational toys. That's why we have carefully chosen the brands and toys that cross the door of our shop. We are very selective in terms of their quality, the safety of the children they use, their value and the way they are built. Here (on the blog) or social media, we want to share as often as possible the truths we have learned about these types of toys (be they Montessori, wood, educational and so on), to have conversations, to answer questions and educate other Romanians, like us, to invest wisely in the play, development and interaction of the little ones with them!

If you have just begun in this wonderful adventure of being a parent, if you are already active for a few years or if you are looking for unforgettable gifts for babies or children in your life, you are welcome in the Teeny.ro community!