Customers can order products from either online with the Shopping Cart, either by email or phone.

The customer can cancel the order by e-mail preferably on the same day he was placed until 16 o'clock or by phone, within the timeframe specified on the front page of the site. The order can no longer be canceled after the receipt of the delivery has been received by email.

Orders placed the same day on the same day by the same person automatically aggregate into a single order for which a single invoice is issued. Reduction coupons or value vouchers apply only once to the cumulative order.

Unilateral termination of the order may be made by the customer if is delaying delivery, except for force majeure, with a maximum of 7 business days over the deadline specified in the order confirmation. The unilateral denunciation must be made in writing and sent with confirmation of receipt, by confirmed email, earlier than the moment of entry into possession of the ordered goods / services. In this case, if the payment has already been made by the customer, the customer will be returned the money within 14 days of receiving the product / services not accepted by the customer, according to the payment option specified in the order form.

Some orders require customer consent for delivery, payment, etc. The holders of these orders will be contacted by by phone or by email. If within ten days the customer did not send any response, assumes the right to cancel the order.


The products distributed on are listed in several databases. For this reason, in the event of errors or latencies in updating the database, some products that are listed as in stock may actually be out of stock. In this case, the client will be contacted as soon as this issue has been signaled.


1. Online banking with EuPlatesc (Visa / Maestro / Mastercard)

If you chose the online bank card payment method, you need to fill out a form with your card information on the secured payment processor page.

- Credit / debit cards issued under Visa and MasterCard (Visa / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro) are made using the "3-D Secure" system developed by organizations providing online transactions the same level security like those made at ATMs or in the physical environment at the merchant.

- "3-D Secure" assures first that no information about your card is transferred or stored at any time on the servers of the store or the payment processor's servers, these data being directly entered in Visa and MasterCard systems.

Important to know! - There is no charge for bank card payments!

2. Refund (by courier) on product delivery

The value of the ordered products and services can be paid to the courier even when delivered to the address you specified.


The orders are shipped through CURIER RAPID, our company sends orders within 24 hours of launch. The cost of courier shipping is displayed when placing your order on the site. For orders exceeding 200 lei the transport is free of charge. All orders received on Fridays (after 15 o'clock) on Saturday and Sunday are processed and are being prepared for delivery on Monday. The products will be shipped by the courier in 1-2-3 business days from the order confirmation, depending on where you are located Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2.


Our desire is to be fully satisfied when you buy products from will comply with the provisions of Emergency Ordinance no. 34 / 4.06.2014 on consumer rights in distance contracts, which entitles the buyer (only under the terms of the aforementioned normative act) to the right within 14 working days of receipt of all products purchased, without penalty or for any reason, to return the purchased products more, increasing the 30 day return period.

If the product is defective, the customer may request the return of the product / products. In this case, it can be replaced with the same product or - if this is not possible - it can get back the amount paid for that product. All responsibility for these defects lies with the importer / distributor.

The return of the products will be made at the expense of the customer, at the rates charged by the delivery agent during the expedition, in the original package and unless they have suffered damage and will be received within 30 days of unilateral denunciation written (signed by the buyer and sent electronically or by mail with acknowledgment of receipt) the order value. Repayment may be postponed until receipt of returned products or receipt of proof that the products have been shipped. has the right that when considering that the client's actions were unwilling to claim damages, under the laws in force. Also, reserves the right to refuse later honoring other customer orders.

The return address of the products is: Lilac 16, Baia Mare, 430066, Maramures


The returnees (no matter the method of transport chosen) will never be sent by the customer to with a refund. We accept only return packages that have the prepaid shipping charge.

USER'S ONLINE ACCESS does not guarantee the access of the clients to the website at any time, not responding to problems caused by third parties or problems caused by upgrade or any other commercial reasons of

RESTRICTION LIMITATION makes permanent efforts to preserve the accuracy of the information on this site. Rarely, these may contain minor inadvertencies: the photo is for informational purposes, some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without notice or may contain operating errors. We will always be available for clarification.

All the images and texts on are exemplary. In this regard, the products delivered in the order may differ from those presented online (cover, packaging, color, appearance, accessories, format, etc.). will also be able to change the available online details of the products and services offered at any time. Product images and descriptions may contain errors or may be different from reality, is not responsible for such situations, but will try to resolve them as soon as possible after reporting them.

Prices on include VAT, but do not include delivery costs or other expenses, unless specifically stated otherwise on the website. Delivery costs and / or other service costs are noted when the order is completed and will be specified when the order is confirmed by

If is unable to deliver the order due to the customer's fault (be it not found at the address mentioned, can not be contacted or present to pick up the package from the Romanian Post, etc.) , the order will be canceled and the products will return to For a new delivery, the customer will have to bear new shipping costs or other technical costs.

If the customer has made an advance payment and can not receive the products within 10 days of dispatch and can not be reached within 30 days, the order will be canceled but the payment will not be refundable, constituting damages from the customer.

Orders placed on on Fridays after 18 and on Saturdays or Sundays will be shipped on Monday. is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of product descriptions and comments posted by site visitors. Also, is not responsible for the content of the linked sites.


By the following activities: ordering, subscribing to the newsletter, sending a message on the contact page or sending e-mails to, it is considered that the user agrees to receive periodic emails containing various related information strictly by In this case, personal data will not be used for other purposes and, under this agreement, will be modified or deleted from the database at the customer's written request.


By submitting the newsletter form, I accept that the data entered by me will be used by WOW SITE EXPERT SRL and its collaborators / affiliates, but will also be ceded / transferred to its affiliates as well as to other entities in the country or abroad based on of a confidentiality commitment from them.


Both the client and will not be held responsible fornon-performance of contractual obligations if such non-execution is due to a force majeure event.

This contract is subject to Romanian law.

RIGHTS has the right to prohibit the access of certain clients and visitors, limited or unlimited, without prior notice.


According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented and of Law no. 506/2004 regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector SC WOW SITEEXPERT SRL has the obligation to manage safely the personal data provided and for the specified purposes only: issuing the tax invoice, informing about the state of the order and sending it to client. Refusing to provide information makes it impossible to honor your order.

According to Law no. 677/2001, clients have the right of access, data interference, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to appeal to the courts.

For the accuracy of the information, the customer is required to notify any changes made since the date of his / her registration in the database.

The removal of a client's personal data from the database is based on his or her written request electronically sent. The final deletion of personal data from the database will be confirmed to the client.


The price / discount policy on the site is fully set by, and the purchase price is the one displayed when the order is placed.

Product prices are listed for each product and are updated daily. In principle, discounts, reductions and promotions are not cumulative. For the calculation of the sum, the reduction with the highest value is kept.

All promotions present within the site are within the available stock limit.


According to the provisions of Law no. 677/2001, we have the obligation to manage the personal data provided by the Client, safely and only for the specified purposes.

The purpose for which we request the Customer to provide personal data: to enable the delivery of the goods ordered, confirm the Order, inform Customers about the status of the Order, provide answers to complaints placed, evaluate the goods and services offered, and services, marketing, advertising, development, market research, statistics, sales monitoring and customer behavior, administrative, media, and the like.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Customer declares that it agrees that its personal data are included in our database and expressly agrees that its personal data is stored, used and processed unlimited by WOW SITE EXPERT SRL and its collaborators / affiliates, but also be ceded / transferred to its affiliates and other entities in the country or abroad, based on a confidentiality commitment on their part.

Based on a written, dated, signed and dispatched request to WOW SITE EXPERT SRL, at the address: Liliacului Nr.16, Baia Mare you can exercise free of charge the right to a request per year confirming that personal data are processed or not.

Based on a written, dated, signed and dispatched request to WOW SITE EXPERT SRL, at: Liliacului Nr.16, Baia Mare, you may exercise the right to interfere with the data, as appropriate: rectification, update, blocking or deleting data whose processing does not comply with law 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, in particular incomplete or inaccurate data;

Customer's personal data may be forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Courts and other authorized bodies of the State, based on their request and within the limits prescribed by law.